You Spin You Win MCM Comic Con Mystery Bag: Unbagging? Unboxing!

I’m going to have to be completely honest here – I can’t guarantee that the name of this company is “You Spin You Win”, but that’s what was plastered all over their stall and they kept shouting it, because that’s the activity they had. if you’ve been to MCM Comic Con in London you’ll know which company I mean!

Edit: I just found out that the company is House of Fun.

They have a big pit full of bags of different colours (I think there were 3 colours and a Star Wars backpack – I wanted the back pack but it’s the most difficult one to get) and then a wheel at the side which you spin. Once you’ve spun the wheel you get to pick a bag of that colour using a big hook like you’d have at a fun fair for hooking a duck. It’s really good fun and they run it like a fun fair too! They have a few guys shouting at the top of their voice like “You spin you win”, “How do you win? You spin” and so on. They’re also all dressed in red and white striped suits as you’d exact at an old fair or circus.

They definitely make it fun and it just adds a slightly different twist to the idea of a mystery box. It only cost £10 and they say that the bag value is £30 although I’m not 100% convinced and assume that the different bag colours must have different values as some are more difficult to get than others. Either way the contents was certainly worth more than £10… If you like everything you get!

I thought you can see through the sides of some of the bags, but I don’t think you can, so you really have no idea what you’re picking up – as such don’t worry too much about which bag you get just try to hook it as quick as you can so that people don’t start wondering why you can’t pick up a bag with a stick! Each bag is tied up pretty securely but once I got in to mine, here’s what I found:

Invincible Iron Man Notebook

I like Iron Man and with my job I always need to do a lot of writing, and even if not I write a lot in my spare time, so even if I hadn’t liked Iron man this would have been a pretty handy thing to have. Nothing special, but for me one of the best things in there. It’s licensed merch and really well made, especially once you take the coloured slip cover off it looks really cool.

Online price £6.59 – £19.95 (hahahaha REALLY?!?!?!? – lets go with £6.59 shall we)

Adventure Time Coaster Set

I don’t know anything about Adventure Time, in fact other than recognizing the characters I don’t know if you read, watch or play Adventure Time? Also I don’t use coasters, I just let the condensation drip down on my furniture… So all in all no use to me. Decent quality although I couldn’t find the same ones online so below is a rough price for equivalent products.

Online price £4 – £12.73

Star Wars BB-8 Mug

I like Star Wars and I like to drink fluids, so when it comes to mugs, cups and glasses in mystery boxes you can’t really go overly wrong, unless they get smashed in the process of having some fun with the game of course. But this hadn’t smashed (at least I don’t think so, it’s still in the box) so I’m happy. Its a white ceramic mug with BB-8 printed on the side, so it’s pretty plain but it’s a nice piece of licensed Disney merch in a box.

Online price £5.99 (I only found one, it’s not a hugely popular design)

Rapunzel Key Ring

I thought I’d have to hunt for ages to find a price comparison online but it turns out they’re pretty easy to find. I thought it would be some obscure mass produced tat… turns out its popularish mass produced tat instead. I’m not a massive Disney fan, especially with these kinds of characters, so I have literally no use for this at all other than to give it away. It’s proper licensed Disney merch again, just not something I’d want.

Online price £3.25

Dwalin the Dwarf Figure

This figure comes from The Hobbit Collectors Figures set by Eaglemoss Publishing and there’s no reason why I would want this. I don’t collect the manufacturer or the fandom, and even if I did it even looks like something which would possibly be stuck on the front of a magazine, and I’m still not convinced that’s not where this belongs… You know the type, you buy the first one for £4.99 and then by the time you finish the collection you’ve spent a grand! There’s nothing I like about this figure and I’ve given some asking prices online below but will say that I saw someone at MCM trying to flog these at £3 each if people got a couple form the set!

Online price £8 – £19.99

How much was it all worth?

Total price for the whole lot at the lower end of the scale is £27.83 so it’s actually pretty close to the value of £30 which they advertised, which surprised me… It doesn’t feel like £30 worth of stuff… and certainly doesn’t feel like the higher end price of £61.91 – what are people thinking? Really!

What did I think overall?

In conclusion though the stuff is certainly worth more than the £10 I paid, and even the mug and notepad is worth the tenner for me… Just need to figure out with the rest of the stuff now because I don’t want any of it! What makes this stand out above and beyond a lot of the mystery box stalls however is firstly the concept being a bit more fun and secondly the effort which their staff put in – good job to them!

Would I get another one?

Yeah I’d say so, especially if I was there with a kid… Would be good fun for them and the contents of this bag at least was a bit more suited for a child I think.

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