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Nerd News: Watchmen at MCM Comic Con London & On your Screens

Watchmen, the HBO show inspired by the classic DC graphic novel hit the screens yesterday (21st October), starting a new weekly slot on Sky Atlantic at 9:00 pm every Monday for the duration of this 9 part series. If you missed the first episode, it will be streaming for everyone attending the MCM comic con in London this weekend at 2:30 pm each day in the cinema truck.

Along with this they also have a stall at location N720 which was an unextepcted location for me. I was expecting to be in the other hall with the rest of the tv and film studios, but instead they’re in what I always consider to be the main sales hall, next to the comic village. I wonder whether this means there will be any merch for sale (or I would think at least sky will be trying to get new people to sign up for their packages), along with a photo booth which they will apprently have there. Judging by the trailer for the show, any photo booth to go along with it should be pretty cool.

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