John Wick Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The third John Wick movie fairly recently came out on general release and I started reviewing the franchise at that point as it was most relevant at that time, however I did mention that I would come back to this. If you want to see why you should binge watch this franchise check out the John Wick 3 review. For now, I need to explain why John Wick is not only an incredible action movie, but that the character (he and Keanu Reeves become indistinguishable from one another at this point) is by far one of the best action characters ever written.

Keanu Reeves is, let’s face it, the man with a single expression. I never really rated him that high as an actor. Even in the Matrix he’s alright but there are plenty of people who can act a damn site better. However he’s got something which means that his alright acting and an inability to really display any emotions beyond anger, frustration, disappointment and confusion – which all are accompanied in hi acting repertoire by a single expression – some how works… and it works incredibly well at that! It’s actually one of the reasons I love him as an actor now, and I couldn’t imagine anyway (with dare I say it, more personality) doing a better job of playing John Wick.

He’s some what of a recluse and an outsider in society, especially, it would seem since his wife passed away, although the way he is described throughout the film it becomes clear that he was perhaps always like this, especially (or at least) in his line of work as a hitman.

We start the film with why many women love the start, its Keanu, and lets face it, rugged as he is in this movie he’s fairly handsome, in bed with a beagle puppy, but after taking his prized car out for a spin and coming across some mafia types, he returns home where all hell breaks loose that night. A night in which the puppy, which is his only link to his dead wife is killed and his car is stolen. Even the chop shops in town want nothing to do with this car because of whom it belongs to. And so begins the remaining 98% of the movie which is all balls to the wall action, with Keanu’s nonchalant acting style making John Wick one of the coolest characters of all time. By the way if you ever want to be licked on your face as much as John Wick does by a dog, cover your face with bacon grease… apparently that’s what Keanu did!

He is incredibly effective and creative in the way in which he brings himself out of retirement for his own person revenge on the people who came in to his home, and even with all their mafia connections, Wick’s reputation precedes him and this group of young wannabe gangsters has no where to hide with just a private paid for army to try to keep them safe from the baba jaga – the boogeyman! That’s right, the head of the Russian mob calls him the boogeyman!

The violence in this film is incredibly creative but to the point where you can almost believe it from someone killing with the level of passion which he has. The visual effects and stunt work which come hand in hand with this kind of body count are really high level whilst the crisp shooting style and almost futuristic feel of the movie (mostly due to really clever use of urban lighting) reminds you that the baba jaga is still living in the realm of fiction.

Simply amazing film!

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