Lego Batman the Movie DC Super Heroes Unite

Rating: 3 out of 5.

As with all of the Lego movies, they’ve got a real knack for getting humour in to their films, and it’s almost effortless and flawless, so you know from the start that this is going to be a funny film at least. And to be fair out of the whole Lego universe, Batman, in my opinion has always been the funniest.

Out of all the Batmen(?) over the history of the character, Lego has always been my favourite purely due to the comedy factor which comes with this guy. This particular film is from one of the earlier incarnations of the Lego version of the character, and I saw it after having seen the Lego Batman movie and I must say that this version isn’t quite as funny, is perhaps a little less self centered and the voice isn’t as funny. BUT he’s still ten fold better than Ben Affleck! One thing which I liked, becuase in general it appears to be true for rich people is that this Batman, when playing as Bruce Wayne is an absolutle ass. He wins an award for man of the year (which is where the film starts), and he is rude and big headed about it… How the character should be! It much better suits the alter ego of Batman.

So as well as humour what do we have here which meant that it only got 3 stars? Why is this film just average, and what the hell is wrong with being average anyway?

As far as I’m concerned it was entertaining, had some funny bits, and was visually stunning. The animation standard really is very high and I think Lego movies always have this in common with one another! I was glued to the screen for this reason and loved most all of the neon lighting effects. Although why Joker and Lex Luthor ride around in a truck covered in neon lighting is beyond me… Other than to impress me of course.

However beyond that it lacked something. It lacked excitement and suspense. It does start with a crushing scene (excuse the pun) right from the onset, before we even get to the man of the year award or anything else in the film for that matter, and watching the movie with that knowledge does add a little intrigue as to how we get to that point, but that’s really it. It’s not too hard to foresee a lot of what happens and it is because of this that even though I enjoyed it, I did find myself being glad that it’s just over an hour long. It is a story well suited to a short format and I’m glad that the animation, voice actor and excitement factors were amped up for the feature length big screen film.

I did however like how many familiar characters we saw brought to life in the Lego format though, with Batman fighting alongside Robin, Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Green lantern and Wonder woman… Whilst on the other side of the fence they were up against Bane, Penguin, Cat woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, the Riddler and Two face.

Would I recommend it? Yeah sure, especially if you have kids – that’s part of the reason i watched it, to keep my little guy entertained for an afternoon, but would I go out and buy it? I’m glad I didn’t – I watched it on Sky Cinema.

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