10 Movies Without Which Halloween Season Just Wouldn’t be Halloween in our House!

I love halloween, it’s my favourite time of year and also busiest as I organise a huge charity fright night each year. It has got so big that I don’t even have a chance to dress up myself any more, but because of this, getting the right Halloween movies ready in the week(s) leading up to the night itself is super important… Need that nightmare fuel to get in the spirit.

So here are 10 movies which make Halloween for us… They might not always be the big one’s you’ll expect so you won’t agree with me, I know you all won’t, so please do let me know what makes Halloween for you! (These are in no particular order by the way)

1 – 31

The first film I always think of is 31 because I love Rob Zombie, whether as a musician, artist or a director (except for Lords of Salem, let’s just forget that ever happened), and 31 is by far his best film (although that might change when I get 3 from hell in a few days – maybe this list should have waited). Why is it so good? It has everything which a good horror movie needs, sex appeal, crazy characters, weird costumes, a gritty feel that makes you feel like it could be you next year, lots of weird ways to die and no lack of gore & violence… Lovely!

2 – A Nightmare on Elmstreet (2010 Movie)

I’m a big fan of the whole franchise but I must say that I do really like this 2010 version and would have loved to have actually seen them make a few more. They brought the story and characters we know and love, and just gave them a nice little spruce up… Just what Freddy needed. Although whilst Jackie Earle Haley did an amazing job, there is no better Freddy than Robert Englund. The franchise is an icon of horror, and this film absolutely did it justice.

3 – Evil Dead (2013 Movie)

Again I’ve gone for the modern counterpart and whilst the most important ingredient (the acting talents of b-movie god Bruce Campbell) was missing, he was still there in a producer capacity and Sam Raimi was still involved which meant that the essence of the original was kept. As a result it was just as much fun as the original but just with a few more modern flavours. Although if I’m going to be totally honest I’ll more likely be binge watching Ash vs Evil Dead as that gives you that modern flair, the absurd story lines we love and the chin… mr Campbell himself.

4 – Halloween (Rob Zombie’s 2007 Movie)

So this isn’t the first Rob Zombie film in my list and it won’t be the last, I really to admire the man. The Halloween franchise has been rebooted and redirected in so many directions and ways that it can be hard to decide which direction was the best, however I think my vision of what horror should be is similar to that of mr Zombie, so everything in this film plays right in to my wheelhouse. It’s the character you know, but in a slightly different light… and it’s a pretty dark light at that! Everything you want from a good slasher movie.

5 – Texas Chainsaw 3d

What can I say, I’m a bit of a sucker for re-makes, re-boots and long awaited sequels, so my choice for the Texas chainsaw franchise is the 2013 3d movie… The 3d doesn’t add anything meaningful to the film other than being headache food for half the audience, so watching it in 2d is fine. It has the same dark feel of the originals but without the grittiness, which I like sometimes, and then is full of suspense (and a sense of knowing exactly what is going to happen – which I think is often half the fun of watching a horror movie… being able to say “no, you don’t want to go in there!”), has high octane violence and plenty of gore to boot.

6 – Shaun of the Dead

Horror is meant to be fun, it should take dark topics and make them entertaining, so comedy horror is really the true essence of what a horror film should be. There are a few good comedy zombie films including Zombieland and the Walking Deceased, but I think Shaun of the Dead is still one of the most entertaining. It has what you want from a good zombie movie, adds in some absurd story lines and fills every gap with laugh out loud comedy.

7 – Resident Evil

I can never decide which of the Resident Evil films in my favourite, so I always just go with the first one, where we are introduced to the story and the characters. Alice, is a recurring character whom the series of movies revolves around, and she is played awesomely throughout… I think with is Milla Jovovich’s best role to date. It goes down a fairly wild route for the zombie genre adding zombie dogs (awesome) and a wide range of mutations, which I think adds a lot to the fun as you never know exactly who they’re going to run in to next.

8 – Land of the Dead

This probably isn’t the best zombie film to be honest, but I do always enjoy it a fair bit because the zombies are just that bit different… They’re not a stupid and it features my favourite zombie, Big Daddy… Zombies with guns? Hell yeah! Just a bit of fun! I do like zombies which are slightly more intelligent than usual, make creepy sounds (like the ones in world war z) work in packs or are fast (again like in world war z, which is probably in reality a much better zombie film than Land of the Dead, but it’s just not as fun)… This film ticks at least one of those boxes for me!

9 – The Meg

Come on… You can’t possibly have Halloween without a creature feature, and what creature is more scary than any other, no matter what incarnation they’re in (either huge, swirling around in tornado’s or crossed with a dog), obviously that’s a shark! The Meg is cheesy, and for a creature feature film, pretty high budget with good special effects and of course the Staithe! It’s a big steaming pile of fun and I’m sticking with it!

10 – House of 1,000 Corpses

Just as I started with a Rob Zombie movie, I wanted to end with one, and before 31 came out it was my favourite. House of 1,000 corpses is an original story and it takes just about everything you want from a good old school horror movie to make something new and downright entertaining! It is balls to the wall violence, bad language, blood, freakish characters and depravity… Holy shit on a stick is this film depraved… and I absolutely love it for the same reason… Although I would agree with Rob Zombie when he later revealed that he regretted the addition of dr Satan and that the character quite frankly is a bit stupid and a straight up slasher flick would have been even better!

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    1. I absolutely love the franchise for so many reasons… I know a lot of people think they made too many movies and that the story just got too weird, but I totally disagree. As I said I can never pick a favourite, what about you?

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