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Nerd News: Electronic Darth Vader Funko Coming Soon

Yep you heard right… an electronic pop figure from funko, of course of the one and only darth Vader… HELL…. YEAH!!!! This is the first pop figure I’m aware of to have lights and sounds. From the looks of it there are lights in the base and I’d be very surprised and down right disappointed if the light sabre didn’t light up as well! It also mentions that there will be sounds, but the funko website didn’t specify which sounds so I’m really excited about that.

It’s darth friggin Vader so there is no doubt that the sounds will either be his light sabre, which would make sense if the sabre does glow, or of course (and I think more likely) the sound of him breathing. 2 of the most iconic sounds in cinematic history.

Check out more details on

Rendering property of funko, taken from their official website

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