Rambo: First Blood Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The latest (and I believe will be the last) Rambo movie (last blood) is about to come out and I must I’m very excited for this one, especially as the 4th movie was the best of the bunch and the expendables films were out of this world.

Stallone is like well aged rum…. Gets better as he gets older but looks like he has a relatively leathery texture by now! But seriously, throughout his career I think his acting has become infinitely better, his movies are better, he speaks better and he looks incredible for his age.

Getting back to the movie at hand though, I thought what better way to celebrate the new movie release coming up than by recalling what has come before.

In Rambo: First Blood we first meet John Rambo, fresh from Vietnam and with really no where to go and nothing to do. He wants to integrate back in to society but right from the start those who uphold the law and society itself no longer want him as a part of it and cast him out. What ensues is what can only be described as bullying by the local police force until this highly trained special ops soldier snaps and starts to do what he does best: escape, kick ass and evade capture.He is a one man army, trained in guerilla warfare so by the time he takes the fight in to the forest and the mountains, he is back in his element, back in a war zone.

There really isn’t a huge amount of dialogue, which in Stallone’s earlier days, wasn’t necessarily the worst thing, as his acting skills left something to be desired, but one thing he could always do well is weald a prop machine gun, covered in oil and look relatively believable and most importantly, good doing soIt’s an old school action fest and one of the absolute classics for many good reasons. The action is spread almost throughout the whole film, but it still leaves gaps to build a great story. The special effects were good for the day and relied of course just on visual effects rather than any digital effects, which adds to war zone realism of the film. Most importantly it highlighted what was at the time a very real issue with war veterans returning from Vietnam. Many people in the States didn’t support the war but rather than blaming those in charge a lot of blame and hatred was directed at the shoulders when they returned. This film shows this struggle and delves in to the difficulties which soldiers can have of letting go of what they have seen and what they have been trained to do.It’s an important film whilst also being incredibly entertaining and kick starting one of the best action franchises of all time.

If you haven’t seen this set of films, many of them can actually be watched as stand alone movies although the back story does give each film a bit more clarity, so do yourself a favour and make a starter with First Blood. Don’t expect millions of dollars of digital effects – It is after all an older movie, but do expect to be entertained throughout.

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