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Horror Legend Sid Haig Dies Aged 80

This is truly awful news and I just this morning wrote an Instagram post where I wished him a speedy recovery, so this really came as a surprise to me. The last we heard from his wife, the general mood was optimistic. As such I want to send my condolences to Susie.

I know that she has been a rock for Sid for many years and has worked very hard with his fans. It was a combined effort between the two of them to run the Sid Mart which opened online a couple of months ago. This shop ran in to some problems with the work load and I wonder whether Sids health had anything to do with that and sincerely hope that anyone who is waiting for orders gives Susie some space at this time.

He is probably most well known for his portrail as Captain Spaulding from the Devils Rejects franchise, and certainly for me it was his best work! An absolute legend of horror and someone who will be greatly missed by very many people!

Thank you Susie for keeping us informed, my heart goes out to you and the only way I can really break the news fully is with your beautiful words from instagram:

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