John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It might seem a little strange starting with John Wick 3 when I haven’t yet written about numbers 1 and 2…. And it would be a logical thing to think, however the third instalment is not only the freshest in my memory it is also the most relevant at the moment, having seen its DVD and Blu-Ray release recently. I’ve got a new child who was still a bit young when this was in the cinema (where I would have loved to see it – John Wick is a character made for the big screen), so I’ve only just had a chance to see it myself.

The film carries on after the first 2, and between the 3 films, we find out that they’re played out over just a couple of weeks or so. I’m not going to go in to too much detail about the first couple in case you haven’t seen them yet and want to pop your John Wick cherry with a 3 movie marathon (Which I’d definitely recommend) or you want to watch this one without having seen the first two. To be honest it’s an action fest throughout and the whole story between the 3 films is basic enough that you can fully enjoy it without having seen the first 2 in my opinion.

All you need to know, and it does come up in this movie is that some gangsters messed with his car and his dog, which knocked a screw loose in this once retired assassin leafding him to rain destruction on the city of New York. After after shedding blood on forbidden grounds amongst the assassins he then further has to go on to defend himself as a result.

You can get all that information just by reading the synopses for all 3 films so I’m really not giving away too much of the plot. However based on that information you can enjoy this film as a stand alone feature.

As I mentioned it’s an action fest throughout, but out of the 3 films I think this one makes the character more of a comic book character than the other three. Yes, there’s no denying that he’s awesome at fisty-cuffs, can throw a knife like no ones business, races around on motorbikes & horses equally well and can shoot the butt hole off a fly….


he’s no super hero and he doesn’t have any special “powers”…

It’s not like the man was bitten by a radioactive assassin and turned in to assassin man! He is still just a man, and I think in some parts of this film that does get forgotten.

However, having said that – this film is a boat load of fun, and his killing style remains innovative, exciting and creative to say the least.

If you loved the first films, this one is right up there with them! I won’t go as far as saying it is necessarily better than them, because for me they stand alongside each other as 3 of the best action films ever made, but it’s definitely a film you don’t want to miss.

I’d love to see more of them or a tv series but it would have to still be done by Keane Reeves. I used to think that he was a pretty sub par actor with just a single face. He’s almost like the Zoolander of the action movie genre! But in these films he is incredible and I can’t imagine anyone playing the character better. Although they maybe could have given the man a little less running to do…. He definitely doesn’t have the most elegant running style!

It’s visually stunning, funny, full of action powerhouses and delivers what you want from any good knife, fist and gun fest!

Do not miss this film or its 2 predecessors under any circumstances!

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