Horror News: Sid Haig Recovering in Hospital

For those of you who didn’t know, Sid Haig, of Captain Spaulding fame (amongst many many other things) was rushed to hospital on 7th September and yesterday we got a very promising update from his wife Suzie on his Instagram page:

” I know it’s taken a while, but here’s the quick and dirty.
Sid took a nasty spill early last week and went to the ER to make sure everything was ok. It was, but they kept him for a bit for observation. Late last Thursday night he vomited in his sleep. Because he was asleep, the vomit went into his lungs (aspiration). Fortunately, since they were monitoring him, the alarm went off and they were able to get the vomit out and an air tube with suction in. They suctioned his lungs for a couple days and everything came out so they were able to remove the air tube/suction. He’s been breathing well for several days now but they still have to monitor for infection to be safe, since the bacteria in the human gut can set up an infection in the lungs when this happens, and are giving him IV antibiotics to protect him. His colour is great (nice and pink), and his vitals are excellent, so while he’s not allowed to eat or drink fully just yet, they’ve started letting him have a tiny bit of juice and water. He kept asking me to just give him the full cup of juice and got quite cranky when I said I couldn’t yet, so that’s a HUGE improvement. Sid being hungry and thirsty + Sid being cranky and fight-y = Sid getting BETTER. Today went great and he is continuing to improve.

I apologize for my cryptic post Thursday night/early Friday morning, but what can I say – I was freaking out! What wife wouldn’t? And shit got real heavy for a minute there, but he bounced back like a champ! So I am making this update now because I finally feel comfortable & calm enough to let you all know he’s fighting like a true warrior and he is WINNING the fight!!! Thank you all for your prayers and caring and kindness, and thank you to @choptopmoseley for his supportive posts. They are most appreciated by all of us here at Camp Haig.

Love and gratitude, and a whole lot of respect, to all of you. Thank you so much for sending your energy to my sweet baby. Love really does conquer all. “

Sounds like he is doing better and we all wish him a speedy and continued recovery. Fingers crossed he’ll be back home shortly!

On a side note, as with many of us I’ve been waiting for a long time for some items which I’d ordered for being signed, including 2 items which I sent over there of my own. Things have been very slow on that front because it’s just the two of them ploughing their way through the orders. Shorlty before Sid’s accident they mentioned that the store is temporarily shut while they catch up on orders… Obviously that delay has now gotten bigger – but let’s give them some space during this time.

I actually emailed a week or so ago before I heard about his accident so that explains why I haven’t had a reply, and I think everyone who has purchased anything from them will need to just be that extra bit patient for the time being. I know these 2 are very dedicated to Sid’s fan and Suzie has always been a delight on email… I’m sure that they’ll get back on it as soon as Sid has fully recovered.

Get well soon sir!

Author: Figures 'n' Films

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