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Funko News: Take Cash to MCM London

As always Funko will have their beautiful big stall back at MCM Comic Con London in October. When I was there at the start of the year the queue to get in the funko stall was insane, and having arrived with a baby there was no way at all that I could queue that long. They want to bring the queues down this year and one of the things they’re doing is going cashless so make sure you bring your card(s) with you.

I think MCM can help the matter further by not going so overboard with ticket sales! I got the feeling that with (I think it was) heroes and villains cancelling for the same weekend that MCM rubbed their hands together at the thought of all the extra people coming to the capital (and who can blame them really?), proceding to over sell the event. It was so much busier than I’ve ever seen it that I can’t see that it was coincidence, but then what do I know… I was just there barely able to move.

Anyway I’m back in October regardless as we love the place. Here are our fingers crossed for actually being able to get near a Funko this time… and I don’t mind the funkos which are for sale on almost every other stall there.

Keep an eye on Funko Europe for announcements of the exclusives! I’ll try and post them as soon as I know too!

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