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Funko News: Nessie Gets the Exclusive Treatment

As of today (13th September 2019) you can purchase an exclusive pop from the Funko online store of the Loch Ness Monster. I always get really excited about some of these exclusives, until I remember that every time I try to buy anything from the Funko shop I get told that they don’t ship to the UK!

They go on sale at 11am PST, which is 19:00 over here, but then who cares cause you can’t buy them here anyway – Please sort this out Funko! We have to wait until someone in the states buys some and then puts them on Ebay for 3 times the price!

Check out what it looks like while you think about how much you’d love to buy it at

Or if I’ve got any American readers of course you can shimmy on over to at 11am PST to get your own.

Images property of Funko, taken from Funko website.

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