Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m a huge Rob Zombie fan, whether it’s his movies, music or artwork, so maybe this is going to be a little biased towards that (although I must say it’s not always the case as I can’t stand Lords of Salem). Having said that, and this was difficult to decide on – I do think that this is his best film.

It has everything you want from a good Rob Zombie flick, infact it’s got everything you might want from any good horror / suspense / slasher / gorefest flick. It is old school and he’s one of the best these days for making that work.

But what does that mean for the viewer?

It is full of blood, guts and gore… It’s overlowing with sexual references and inuendo, and not always of the good kind – in fact basically never of the good kind!… It’s use of colourful language goes beyond the absurd and back in to the realm of genius while his choice of characters and corresponding actors is second to none!

Do you want a nazi dwarf?


How about a couple of psyhcotic clowns who could give Captain Spaulding a run for his money?


A van full of hippies who you know from the start are getting ready for a beating?


And finally Richard Brake in what can only be described in both his most violent and most mental role to date?

One big fat final CHECK

This film is gritty, dirty, crude, rude and in places strangely sexy… Much of the sex appeal, as with almost everything visual which Rob Zombie puts out comes in the form of his wife, Sherri Moon Zombie, who gives her usual scream queen come bad-ass ass-kicker role which he has made her famous for. I know that she maybe gets a bit over used in his films, but at the same time it’s a shame that she isn’t hired by more film makers because she’s very good a doing what she does.

The story starts off much the same way as all of these films, it’s a group of friends (who sort of get on in their own weird way) on a road trip. They stop somewhere and that’s where things start to get weird for them.

This particular one then sets them in an abandoned building where they are watched by a group of weirdos in mozartesque clothes and wigs taking bets on who dies when. Then there are the killers… Also sorts of heads for some reason; doom head, death head, psycho head and so on. They all have their own specialties and quirks, each time bringing the group in to a new scenario, new scenery and a whole new level of pain and depravity.

Yes it’s old school so being called 31, and set on Halloween, the original story which comes with the style on this occasion should make this a must see for your Halloween nights in!

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